Biomina club [1] - knowledge representation and applied data mining

We are pleased to announce the "biomina club", a new series of informal scientific meetings in which UA and UZA researchers, post-docs and Phd students present and discuss their ongoing research and challenges in bioinformatics, medical informatics and applied data mining. 

The first meeting of this series is hosted by the ADReM group ( ), and takes place at the Middelheim Campus. 

Themes: knowledge representation and applied data mining

When? Wednesday 27/6/2012, 13h

Where? Campus Middelheim G.004 (grey building)

This meeting gives floor to 4 UA/UZA researchers that present their ongoing or recently finished work in short 15 minute presentations, each followed by 15 minutes of discussion. 

  • 13:00. Thanh Hai Dang: ICUDM: Mortality prediction at intensive care using random forests. 
  • 13:30. Stefan Naulaerts: Interactive itemset mining for bioinformatics: three application cases
  • 14:00. Trung Nghia Vu: Pattern detection in unassigned masses of protein fragment spectra. 
  • 14:30. David Damen: Semantic representation of clinical trial eligibility using topic maps. 

All interested colleagues from related disciplines (from life sciences to computer sciences) are welcome! Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone who may be interested. 

More information: Kris Laukens