Internships and thesis projects in bioinformatics

Students, you can now download our brochure with suggested internship and thesis projects 2017-2018 via this link:

Biomina, the "biomedical informatics research Antwerpen" is a new research center jointly founded by the University of Antwerp and University Hospital Antwerpen. The center brings together several research groups that have a common goal of developing and applying state-of-the-art computational approaches to interpret large and complex life science data. One of the biomina research groups is led by Prof. Kris Laukens within the UA dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, as a part of the database and data mining research group ADReM. This group brings together diverse life scientists and computer scientists with a shared ambition of using and developing novel data mining methods to elucidate the complex regulation of biological systems.

The group currently offers a range of opportunities for internships in the field of bioinformatics, both for students in the life sciences and students in computer sciences.