Researchers and clinicians in research institutes, hospitals and industry are frequently confronted with specific biomedical data analysis needs for which they look for expert consultants. Biomina offers a broad range of expert bioinformatics, biomedical informatics, data mining and artificial intelligence services through a flexible consultancy model. Our services are supported by years of practical experience, but in many case also by fundamental contributions that our groups made through these years to the techniques that are used nowadays. 

Data handling infrastructure

Biomina maintains its own data handling infrastructure and is actively involved in several large scale data infrastructure intitiatives. Through this infrastructure we can acomodate typical needs such as (large scale) data storage and (high performance) computation. Our infrastructure also offers a number of common biocomputational software solutions, and we have extensive experience in setting up custom data processing workflows. 

Consultancy services 

Here is a a short overview of our expertise that we can make available to you through services: 

  • bioinformatics: genomic (2nd and 3rd generation seq) data analysis, transcriptomics (RNAseq, arrays), proteomics (LC, MS), metabolomics (NMR, LC, MS), functional interpretation, network analysis, systems biology modelling
  • biomedical informatics: text mining, sensor data mining
  • data mining: all unsupervised data mining techniques, from pattern discovery to clustering and multivariate statistics
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence: all supervised classification and regression machine learning approaches, deep learning / neural networks. 
  • data processing: all types of data processing and (domain driven) feature engineering.
  • data visualisation and visual analytics 

We have experience working with academic and institutional researchers, with hospitals, with industry and with NGO's. We are happy to work in small teams as well as in large, multi-national consortia. 

With our extensive portfolio of expertise we can help you to solve your data challenges. Our mode of collaborations can start from consultancy by the hour to long-term service agreements. 

Feel welcome to contact us so we can discuss your needs and our possible solutions.