Bioinformatics and biomedical informatics are undergoing rapid evolutions, driven by evolving analytical technology (e.g. sequencing, mass spectrometry and sensor technology), new life science evolutions (from systems biology to precision medicine) and a rapid growth in data science technology (from data mining to artificial intelligence). Biomina aims to support scientists and clinicians by catalyzing and organising new training initiatives. 

These training initiatives can take different formats:

Curricular courses

Curricular courses are taught by biomina members within the regular bachelor and master program of the University of Antwerp. While these are embedded in regular study programs, people from outside these programs can enrol in most of these courses as long as expected prerequisites are met. For example, we often welcome PhD students who wish to enrich their skill set. You can read more of each of these programs through the links below. Beware that there are both courses taught in Dutch and in English. Consult the UAntwerpen study center, the Antwerp doctoral school or the lecturers themselves for more information.

A non-exhaustive overview:

Non-curricular courses and workshops

Non-curricular courses and workshops are regularly organised by biomina members, typically to address topics for which there is a high education demand from researchers and clinicians. Popular courses that we organised in the past (and may organise again) are focussed on topics such as the analysis of next generations DNA sequencing data, or on biomedical data mining. 

An overview of planned courses is presented on our activities section

Custom courses or lectures by request

Our network covers a broad expertise from bioinformatics to the applications of artificial intelligence in digital health. We often deliver training activities and seminars tailored to the specific needs of an organisation. 

Please contact us with your needs so we can discuss what we can do for you.