Biomina is the Antwerp core facility for bioinformatics

BIOMINA (Biomedical informatics research network Antwerp) is since 2022 a core facility, providing a multi-disciplinary network facilitating research and applications at the intersection of life sciences, medicine and computational sciences in the Antwerp region.

We unite research groups from multiple institutes and departments with a complementary expertise and interest. Biomina also shares expertise through training opportunities and expert services towards academic partners, research institutes, hospitals and industry.  Learn more about BIOMINA.


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Our monthly BIOMINA lunch talks feature presentations by the community and associated researchers, showcasing collaborative work, data-analysis techniques, and applications/pipelines in development.

A yearly BIOMINA research day is hosted with representation from the University of Antwerp, other research and academic centers, but also hospitals and industry.

Additionally, courses are organized, in various bioinformatics topics, which will be taught by experts in their respective fields.

Find out about our upcoming events on the events page!

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