Postdoctoral researcher, Artificial intelligence for small molecule structure elucidation

Adrem Data Lab
This project will be conducted within the biodata mining team, a rapidly growing, multi-disciplinary unit within the Adrem Data Lab / biomina of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science (University of Antwerp, Belgium). The Adrem Data Lab is an internationally renowned research group known for its contributions to the theory as well as practical applications of data sciences. In this lab prof. Kris Laukens leads a biodata mining research team (circa 20 people) that studies novel bio-informatics and artificial intelligence techniques to interpret complex biomolecular and biomedical data. The team performs both fundamental algorithmic research and applies these novel techniques to solve a diverse array of bioanalytical challenges and advance bio- and medical research in various areas.

PhD student / Bio-informatician in computational protein modeling

Center for Medical Genetics Antwerp
The Center for Medical Genetics Antwerp is a diagnostic and research institute within the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp University Hospital, comprising over 100 scientists, of which over 40 are fulltime engaged in research.

Bioinformatics Support Manager

Adrem data lab

Biomina (biomedical informatics network Antwerpen) is a multi-disciplinary consortium that unites life scientists and data scientists in the Antwerp region in the area of bioinformatics and medical informatics. To address the rapidly growing needs for bioinformatics expertise in many life science projects, we are establishing a bioinformatics and biomedical informatics service facility. The Bioinformatics Support Manager is the daily lead of this service facility.

Spontaneous applications

Adrem data lab
There are often opportunities for in the biomina network for talented scientific, medical or technical profiles in bioinformatics, medical informatics and AI.