BIOMINA offers expert consultancy to address diverse bioinformatics questions, from grant application support to custom pipeline development, data analysis services, advanced training, and supporting novel (open) data management and dissemination requirements. 

Examples of specialized bioinformatics services we can deliver:

  • - multi-omics data integration
  • - meta-genomics data processing
  • - single cell data analysis (in collaboration with Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Facility)
  • - omics experiment design (in collaboration with StatUA)
  • - metabolomics data analysis
  • - genomics data management (in collaboration with ADOC data stewards)
  • - proteomics data analysis (in collaboration with CFP)
  • - in situ RNA-sequencing
  • - T cell and B cell repertoire sequencing
  • - omics-based machine learning
  • - biomedical data-based artificial intelligence
  • - development of custom pipelines to address novel data analysis challenges

If you have a question related to any of these subjects, don't hesitate to contact us