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Mar 15, 2024
BIOMINA Lunch Talk 3

dr. Oren Tzfadia - ITM:

Single nucleotide variation catalogue from clinical isolates mapped on tertiary and quaternary structures of ESX-1–related proteins reveal critical regions as putative Mtb therapeutic targets

dr. Emmanuel Rivière - CellCarta:

Empowering global tuberculosis research: insights from capacity building in Ethiopia 

Apr 19, 2024
BIOMINA Lunch Talk 4

Prof. Hannes Svardal - EVECO (UAntwerp):

Title TBA

Jonas Lescroart - EVECO (UAntwerp):

Phylogenomics of Neotropical wild cats show a history of rapid speciation and hybridization

May 17, 2024
BIOMINA Lunch Talk 5

dr. Wouter De Coster - Center for Molecular Neurology (University of Antwerp/VIB):

Title TBA

Second speaker TBA 

Jun 21, 2024
BIOMINA Lunch Talk 6

dr. Sheeba Basil - ITM:

Title TBA

Jasper Van Haver - Laboratory of Cell Biology & Histology (UAntwerp):

Title TBA